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    ASIST-E™ Bathroom Call Unit [CP2017L]
    ASIST-E™ Bathroom Call Unit
    Ref.: CP2017L
    Bathroom call unit, with IP54 degree of protection and cord with handle. Battery powered (2 x AAA) with duration for more than 3,000 calls.
    V.A.T. included
    ASIST-E™ Hallway Screen [LRCS2015]
    ASIST-E™ Hallway Screen
    Ref.: LRCS2015
    Corridor display to show call announcements, with acoustic tone to alert staff.
    V.A.T. included
    ASIST-E™ Receiver (Search) [M4LL]
    ASIST-E™ Receiver (Search)
    Ref.: M4LL
    Wireless pager receiver for healthcare personnel. Clearly and precisely indicate the origin of the call.
    V.A.T. included
    ASIST-E™ Room Call Unit [CP2017H]
    ASIST-E™ Room Call Unit
    Ref.: CP2017H
    Room call unit, with disinfectable membrane keyboard and bed call control. Battery powered (2 x AAA) lasts for over 3,000 calls.
    V.A.T. included
    ASIST-E™ Zone Repeater [GP2015TRA]
    ASIST-E™ Zone Repeater
    Ref.: GP2015TRA
    Zone repeater, with a coverage range of up to 100 m and control of up to 60 call units.
    V.A.T. included
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