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    SIEMENS® SLE4442 Chip Card [SLE4442]
    SIEMENS® SLE4442 Chip Card
    Ref.: SLE4442
    SIEMENS® SLE4442 contact chip card. Synchronous communication protocol, ISO 7816 compatible. EEPROM size is 256 bytes (split into the following areas: 26 bytes for card manufacturer data, 2 bytes for card issuer reference, 4 bytes for card identification data, 224 bytes for main user data). Access to the memory is protected by a 3 byte secret code for data write only. Free Read of Data (except PIN). Data retention is up to 10 years. Non reversible byte-wise write protection of lowest 32 addresses.
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    SIEMENS® SLE5542 Chip Card [SLE5542]
    SIEMENS® SLE5542 Chip Card
    Ref.: SLE5542
    SIEMENS® SLE5542 contact chip card. The SLE5542 has an intelligent 256 bytes with Write Protection and Programmable Security Code (PSC) and with ISO 7816 smart card interface. The SLE5542 is a standard, low-cost memory smartcard. It has a 256 x 8 bit EEPROM data memory with 32 x 1 bit protection memory. The SLE5542 is a fully compatible, upgraded version of the SLE4442.
    V.A.T. included
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