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    1- When, for whatever reason, the client must send goods to SYSAWAY®, will always do after obtaining an approval of a RMA (Return Number). You can contact us at (+34) 902 930 427 or by the email hello@sysaway.com.

    2- When is received an RMA email approval, make the shipping, the procedure will be:

      • Indicate clearly the RMA number in the outer packaging, which protects the computer’s original packaging for a safe shipment.
      • Make the shipment prepaid to the address provided in the RMA of SYSAWAY®, may be some of our offices, or at the manufacturer itself, whose address is listed correctly.
      • Wait for the technical review of the product and the resolution of the technicians.

      3- The product will be returned repaired and prepaid if it is under warranty and it applies, will be changed if necessary in the case that it has been purchased within five days or a repair estimate shall be sent for approval by the client in the rest of the cases.

      4- Change of a defective new product:

        • If within five working days of the delivery of the material, manufacturing defects are detected, an RMA request indicating the reason for the return then must be performed to proceed with the replacement.
        • This request shall be sent immediately so that it can count as defective material and thus expedite the change.
        • In case of acceptance of a return, SYSAWAY® will replace the defective product with another of the same model.
        • In the case of negotiate the payment of the product with the commercial department, SYSAWAY® will paid in the account of the customer the amount paid by it for future purchases.
        • In the case that in the customer credit there are other charges, the payment of the defective product may be used at the will of SYSAWAY® to cancel all or part of the pending credit amount.

        5- The equipment will be returned with all its components, manuals and original packaging in perfect condition.
        6- The RMA must be sent prepaid and in the case of defective products out of warranty, the cost of shipping and return is always borne by the customer.
        7- In no case will anticipate the shipping of any product to the customer to replace another subject to RMA before the receipt in SYSAWAY® the allegedly defective equipment and once it has been reviewed and verified as defective and as it enters in the terms and conditions provided for this purpose.
        8- Returns to repair a defective product: No change or bonus of defective material is accepted after this period of 5 working days from delivery of the order, time after which govern the normal warranty, shall also be requested the RMA prior to the shipping of the product.
        9- The validity of the RMA number is fifteen calendar days from the date of issue, after this time no refund for revocation of the RMA will be accepted.
        10- SYSAWAY® reserves the right to refuse a return material for not complying with the above conditions.
        11- SYSAWAY® warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale except for: Batteries, Hard Drives, CDRW/DVDRW Units, monitors and products that takes on the manufacturer's warranty and which own conditions and manufacturer’s certificate are included.
        12- SYSAWAY® warranty does not include wear parts or damage caused by overloading, storms or misuse or abuse of the equipment.
        13- SYSAWAY® repair or replace products on warranty at no cost for parts and labor if found to the material is defective and the use, the shipping and the storage of the equipment have been suitable.
        14- It is up to the Department of Quality of SYSAWAY® to determine if a product under warranty must be repaired or replaced, within the established deadlines.
        15- SYSAWAY® is not responsible in any way for the consequences or accidental failures that are due to a failure or negligence.
        16- SYSAWAY® will have no liability for any personal injury, damage to property or any other loss based on claims that the product has failed technically or in the task for which it has been manufactured.
        17- The uses of personnel outside our services to carry out work of modifications or repairs of our products, during the warranty period, immediately void the warranty.
        18- All and any irregularities within the guarantee must be communicated in writing immediately, with urgent character and accompanied by information with the reasons which caused the failure, under the penalty of cancellation of that.

        19-The products or components delivered to the service center for repair will generate starting from three months an amount of 2.00 € in concept of storage per day, passing to be SYSAWAY® property at 6 months of deposit.

        • Costs for review (workshop technician time): 73.47 € / h + VAT.
        20- In the case that reimbursement of the purchase amount, whole or partial is required, SYSAWAY® will make a transfer to the IBAN confirmed (bank certificate will be required) by the customer.
        21- In the case that the presence of technical staff of SYSAWAY® is required in the customer premises, he will assume the costs of travel, accommodation and maintenance of the technical staff. They will bill the hours spent, with a maximum of 8 hours per working day. The service will be billed according to the current service fee.
        22- All material left on deposit by the customer will be billed if 30 days have elapsed since the deposit is made, and has not been returned to our warehouse. They will also be billed when the material is not returned in perfect condition, including the preservation of its packaging.
        23- Repair or modification or replacement of parts during the warranty period does not involve the extension of the term thereof.
        24- Parts replaced within the warranty period shall be in possession or under possession of SYSAWAY®.
        25- E. DORCAS® guarantees its products for FOUR YEARS from the date of departure from the production line, against manufacturing defects that originate a malfunction. The warranty only entitles to the free replacement of defective parts, excluding any compensation for damages that the defect has have generated.
        26- SYSAWAY ® reserves the right of ownership of all goods for which payment has not been entirely satisfied invoice due and can remove it from the customer's home or any other place where it shall find.
        27- All trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.


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