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    M2sys ™ M2-PalmVein ™ Biometric Reader [EL-M2-SYS-PALM-SCNR]
    M2sys ™ M2-PalmVein ™ Biometric Reader
    The M2SYS M2-PalmVein ™ palm vein scanner uses a near-infrared light to create a "vein map" of the palm of the user for highly accurate and safe biometric recognition.
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    M2sys™ EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader [EL-M2-SYS]
    M2sys™ EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader
    Ref.: EL-M2-SYS
    The M2SYS™ EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader reliably scans fingerprint images into the SVM™ ensuring a consistent image quality. The ergonomic design of this fingerprint scanner ensures that a high quality image is captured with each scan. The hard, quartz-like sensor surface assures that this fingerprint reader stands the test of time, even in high throughput settings.
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