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    COOPER™ 414CTF Magnetic Contact [414CTF]
    COOPER™ 414CTF Magnetic Contact
    Ref.: 414CTF
    Brass magnetic contact with high mechanical resistance for flush mounting on doors and windows. Reed contact with NC output with near magnet or changeover reed contact. Wire (2 for contact - 3 for changeover contact + 2 for anti-tampering). -25°C to +70°C. IP 65. Anti-tampering wires. 10 pcs./package.
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    COOPER™ Stroboscopic Flash [531027FULL-0151]
    COOPER™ Stroboscopic Flash
    Ref.: 531027FULL-0151
    IP54 stroboscopic lamp. The increased functionality of the Solex permits a much reduced range of products and therefore allows a simplified stock holding and easier choice for the installer. The wide operating voltage, increased efficiency and automatic synchronization of the Solex make them a universal solution for all types of alarm and monitoring system. The bayonet base has been designed to allow a common mounting for most of Cooper signalling alarm products. The shallow base is suited to concealed wiring allowing installation with minimum visual impact.
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