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    PHIROCAB® Aluminum Shielded 2x1.5mm² S0Z1-K (AS +) - CPR - Red Cable

    Reference: 01115002Q
    S0Z1-K 2x1.5mm² shielded aluminum LSFRHF PH90 PHIROCAB cable. (AS +) UNE EN 50200. Classification CPR: Cca s1b d1 a1. Main applications: Suitable for all those installations in which the integrity of the circuits must be maintained, even if these are directly affected by fire. Conductor: Class V flexible polished copper. Driver insulation: Silicone - type EI2. Fire resistant cat. CR1-C1. Resistance to fire (90" to 840º C) with impact. Resistance to fire (180" to 750º C) with impact. Resistance 2 h at 400 ºC (class F400). No flame spread. No fire spread. Price of linear meter (Minimum order: Roll of 100 meters).
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