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    VU-25-AFFF Foam Extinguisher of 25 Liters

    Reference: 02025
    25 Liters portable fire extinguisher with wheels, two steel sheets not alloyed for embossing or cold confirmation according to UNE 36.086, with denomination. DC-04 cold roll sheet, and united thanks to semiautomatic welding inert atmosphere of a CO2 and Argon mix. Extinguishing agent: Water+ additives 6%. With test efficiency of 87A (Solids)/470B (Liquids). RAL 3000 Epoxy paint of 110 micron thick. With brass valve, with intern pressure gauge and intern security valve for pressurized self-test. Steel bolt. Hose made in reinforced rubber with connection to the extinguisher and output to a special PVC diffuser for water. Dimensions: 718 x ø 250 mm. Maximum operating temperature: 0 ºC to + 60 ºC.
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