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    EXCEL® Shielded S/FTP Category 7A - 1000 MHz Cable (Yellow)

    Reference: 100-910
    The EXCEL® Category 7A Screened S/FTP LSOH Cable is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the ISO, CENELEC and TIA standards. This delivers Class FA link and channel performance supporting all applications detailed and proposed within the standards. This superior performance cable is ETL Component Verified. Each cable consists of 4 pairs individually wrapped in a covering of high quality, strong, aluminium/polyester foil tape providing an individual screen for each pair. These sub units are then cabled together, with the pairs set to different lay lengths to ensure optimum performance, an overall braid screen is applied to provide further immunity to outside noise and to mitigate any risk of alien cross talk. Excel Category 7A cables are jacketed in a yellow low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) flame retardant compound. Supplied on 500 metre plywood drums, each cable has a print legend identifying the specification, part code and sequential. Price of linear meter (Minimum order: Box of 305 meters).
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