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    AERIS® ZENITH ™ TYPE II Intervention Equipment (Includes Accessories)

    Reference: 310.012.00
    High-performance intervention equipment that is comfortable and durable. Protects in any high risk situation. It is the ideal equipment for the industry and is also certified for firefighters. Components: Reducer, high pressure reliable and safe. Ergonomic harness, with padded harnesses, made with high density aramid fiber tapes, which withstand high temperatures, and by-pass of external air supply. Regulating valve, Zenith automatic positive pressure dosing with connection to the mask by bayonet. Panoramasque complete mask, with triple anchorage fixation system or connection to the integral F1 system helmet. High pressure analog manometer integrated in the harness with bar reading and PSI with integrated sound alarm at 55 bar.
    Produced on Request

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