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    GEOVISION™ GV-DSP LPR (WiFi) Appliance

    Reference: 84-DSLPR-300*
    The GV?DSP LPR is a Linux?based license plate recognition system built in a small box. Integrating with a Web server, the GV?DSP LPR can host its own Web site and compare captured license plates either with a standalone database created on GV?DSP LPR, or a database downloaded from the access control software GV?ASManager. When there is a match, GV?DSP LPR will open a gate or barrier. The GV-DSP LPR can also deliver live view images and recognized plate numbers, date and time to the GV-System for security surveillance. Non-PC based solution for 1 port traffic or mobile license plate recognition. Wide operating temperature range. Web-based configuration for image, security settings and firmware upgrade. Recognition triggered by video motion detection or sensor inputs. Opening a gate barrier when a captured license plate matches the database. Manageable by GV-AS Manager access control system. Standalone database. Digital watermark. Hardware watchdog. IP address filtering. WiFi. UMTS. GPS tracking.
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