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    3M™ Rosette for 4 SC + 1 RJ45 (Not Included)

    Reference: 8686FTTH
    The 3M™ FTTH Wall Outlet 8686 provides a transition point between incoming cable and building access points for residential or business fiber installations. The outlet is designed to house up to two SC-type connectors and is compatible with 3M™ No Polish Connectors Alternatively, an integrated splice holder houses up to two splices for pigtail termination. As an option, the 3M™ Volition™ RJ45 K5e or K6 jacks can be mounted in the center of the outlet for hybrid structures. This configuration allows obtaining similar dimensions to electrical and telephone outlets that are already installed. The 3M™ FTTH Wall Outlet 8686 is compatible with round and FRP-type indoor drop cables with 30mm bend radius.
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