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    HID® Mercury™ LP1501 Single Access Controller

    Reference: AC-MER-CONT-LP1501
    The LP1501 is a high-performance, Ethernet ready card reader panel and controls a single opening with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. The LP1501 seamlessly interfaces a single opening to a larger system for flexible, reliable expansion. The LP1501 can be expanded with up to 17 doors. Once configured the LP1501 functions independently of the host and is capable of elaborate processes while controlling access for a single opening. Without host intervention, the LP1501 can intelligently relate selected system devices and the activity they generate to other devices. The LP1501 interfaces with an array of reader technologies, it provides tremendous flexibility. Reader ports support separate in/out readers of all technologies, including Wiegand, clock and data, RS-485, magnetic stripe, keypads, LCD and biometrics. Features: Multi-operating system interface. Multi- card format support. Multi-reader technology support. AES 128 bit data encryption. HSPD-12/FIPS201 Compliant. UL 294 Recognized. PoE Supported. Alarm keypad support. Function key support.
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