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    IMRON® UnityIS™ Cloud Subscription - Monthly - Enterprise Level (1024 Doors)

    Reference: C-Enterprise3
    Enterprise Access Control SaaS: 1024 Doors with 10 Clients and ID Badging (Mercury™ field controllers are the only supported platform for the cloud model). The UnityIS™ software can be accessed via the internet using a web browser or thick client. When using the thin client, there is no need to install and maintain the client software. Additional UnityIS™ modules and/or clients can be purchased as add-on options. Redundant server requirements can be achieved by purchasing 2 or more packages. Included FOUR managed services: (1) Maintain and update UnityIS™ Server. (2) Maintain and update Windows™. (3) Maintain and update SQL™ Server. (4) Maintain and update Mercury™ firmware. Setup includes the following 8 tasks: (1) Windows™ Server install and setup. (2) SQL Server™ Installation and Configuration. (3) UnityIS™ Server installation and configuration. (4) UnityIS™ connection to SQL Server™. (5) UnityIS™ Thick Client installation and configuration (per Client license). (6) Mercury™ driver installation. (7) Web service driver configuration for Thin Client support. (8) UnityIS™ Server installation license configuration. 1 year commitment required (Early termination fees may apply).
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