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    12SC-D Terminal Metal Box (With Cassette and Adapters)

    Reference: CCW03/12
    This wall box offers a flexible solution for the end user, allowing them to incorporate a multifunctional wall box that allows easy access during installation without disturbing the existing cable or fibers. In addition to the matrix for the adapters, the box also offers multiple solutions for cable entry and exit: up to 8 standard entry points for tube, hermetic shielded cable, pre-wired, steel tape and 2 slotted positions for cable exit. patch Up to 96 fiber. Multiple adapter options. 12 adapter positions. ROHS, scope, SvHC. Internal protection of the radius of the curve included. For interior. For use in multiple dwelling units or demarcation points within a network. Data centers or telecommunication networks. Includes cassette and adapters. Dimensions: 225 x 270 x 50 mm.
    Produced on Request

    V.A.T. included

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