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    D-Link® PoE+ 24 + 2 Switch 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet Port (+2 x 1000BaseT / SFP)

    Reference: DES-1210-28P
    The DES-1210-28P is the first PoE Switch in the Smart III Fast Ethernet series. Equipped with 24 Fast Ethernet ports, 2 Gigabit ports and 2 additional copper / fiber combo Gigabit ports, this Switch has the features of the Smart III series with PoE functionality and the new PoE+. With an easy-to-use web interface and an environmentally friendly design, the DES-1210-28P enables customers to quickly and easily install their networks and also save energy and costs. The DES-1210-28P is the ideal solution as an advanced edge switch for business and SME networks. The additional 4 Gigabit ports allow fast and reliable copper or fiber uplinks to the rest of the infrastructure. Asymmetric VLAN support provides access to shared resources, such as servers on the Internet, without complicated VLAN configurations. VLAN self-monitoring is useful for adding IP cameras to the network without overwhelming it with excessive traffic. In addition, the innovative auto-voice VLAN feature enables third-party IP phones to be easily integrated, distributing VoIP traffic over a separate VLAN, ensuring quality and security of VoIP traffic.
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