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    DURÁN® DIREX™ X IR Hydrocarbon (Indicate Gas) 4-20mA Gas Detector

    Reference: DIRY4LX-HC
    DIREX has been specially designed for: (1) Installations with the presence of inhibitory or poisonous gases from catalytic detectors -pellistors-. These gases do not affect DIREX. (2) In atmospheres where there is no presence of oxygen. DIREX, unlike pellistors, does not need oxygen for its operation. (3) Installations in which maintenance operations must be minimized. DIREX only requires one review every 3 years. In infrared detection, unlike other technologies, the presence of the gas to be detected does not reduce the useful life of the sensor. DIREX is not affected by this phenomenon. Available gases: Methane, Natural Gas, Propane and CO2. Explosion-proof ATEX housing with ATEX certificate LOM08ATEX2059 X. Detection range from 0 to 100% L.I.E. (explosives) and 0 to 2% vol (CO2). Optical indications of loop and sensor failure.
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