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    HIKVISION™ Bi-Spectral Thermal IP Camera 160x120 (320x240) 6mm (25° × 18.7°) +Optical 2MPx (+Audio and Alarm) with IR 15m

    Reference: DS-2TD1117-6/P
    High sensitivity thermal module with 160 x 120 resolution. NETD is less than 40 mk (@25° C, F#=1.1). Supports contrast adjustment. Leading thermal image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR. Up to 15 palettes of adjustable color. Powerful behavior analysis functions, based on deep learning algorithm: Line crossing, intrusion, region entrance & exit. Reliable temperature-anomaly alarm. Advanced fire detection algorithm. High quality optical module with 2 MP resolution. Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview.
    Produced on Request


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