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    PULSAR® Homologated EN54C (Fires) Power Supply - 27,6V/5A/2x65Ah

    Reference: EN54C-5A65
    Power supply: 230VAC. Power supply output: (1) 2,4A / 27,6VDC – for continuous operation – Imax a. (2) 5,0A / 27,6VDC – for intermittent operation – Imax b (5min). Battery charging current: 2,6Amp. Fitting battery: 2x65Ah/12V. Current consumption by PSU systems: 1,38A. Efficiency: 87%. Protections: SCP, OLP, OVP, UVP*, tamper (opening of the enclosure). Technical outputs: EPS FLT – AC power failure, ALARM – collective failure. Compliant with the standards: EN54-4, EN12101-10. LED panel. Dimensions: W=410, H=648, D+D1=180+8; W1=416, H1=652[+/- 2mm]. Notes: surface mounted enclosure, closing enclosure – lock. PSU power: 142 W.
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