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    PULSAR® HPSBOC 27,6V/3Amp/2x17Ah/OC Buffer Switch Mode PSU with Technical Outputs

    Reference: HPSBOC3524C
    A buffer PSU is intended for an uninterrupted supply to devices requiring stabilized voltage of 24V DC (+/-15%). The PSU provides voltage of U=27,6V DC. In case of power decay, a battery back-up is activated immediately. The PSU is constructed based on the switch mode PSU, with high energy efficiency. The PSU is housed in a metal enclosure (colour RAL 9003) which can accommodate two 2x17Ah/12V batteries. A micro switch indicates door opening (front cover). Power supply: 176÷264VAC. Power supply output: 3A/27.6VDC. Battery charging current: 0,5A/1A. Fitting battery: 2x17Ah/12V. Efficiency: 83%. Protections: SCP, OVP, OLP, UVP, tamper (opening of the enclosure). Technical outputs OC and relay type: EPS - AC network failure, LoB - low battery voltage, PSU - power supply failure. Dimensions: W=400, H=350, D+D1=92+8 [+/- 2mm]. Surface mounted enclosure, locking – bolted (lock assembly possible).
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