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    OTS™ 536 Hydraulic Closer

    Reference: K-17920-00-0-1
    OTS ™ 536 allows trouble-free fastening to wood, plastic, aluminum or steel doors by the mounting plate with different groups of holes. With pinion and articulated arm, according to UNE-EN 1154. SILVER Color. Width of door leaf up to 1400 mm. Usable on left or right. Normal mounting and on frame. 180º door opening angle, provided that the construction conditions allow. Closure controlled from each opening angle. Safety valves in the closer protect the overload in the closing and opening direction. Shaft with needle roller. If the OTS ™ 536 is used for fire and smoke doors, you must observe UNE-EN 1154, closers with controlled closing process.
    Produced on Request


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