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    HONEYWELL™ IR Linear Smoke Detector with Test Included

    Reference: NFXI-BEAM-T
    analogical smoke detection barrier by reflection of infrared light beam for analogical centrals with integrated test. Includes transmitter and receiver in the same unit and a reflector element. Connected directly to the analogical communication loop and receives power supply from the loop itself, direction from 01 to 159. Easy line-up, the value of the received signal is indicated in two 7 segment displays. Incorporates dirt compensation, three state leds and a short-circuit isolator. Includes reflector (200 x 230 mm) for distances from 10 to 70 m, an additional complement being needed for longer distances (6500-LRK). Ideal for the protection of large industrial spaces and rooms with very high ceilings. Includes testing filters.
    Produced on Request

    V.A.T. included

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