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    DAHUA™ NKB1000 Control Keyboard

    Reference: NKB1000
    Three Dimensional Joystick Control of PTZ Functions. Keyboard Keypanel Electromechanical. Joystick 3-axis, vector-solving, with twisting, return to-center head. Keyboard Connector RJ-45,RS232,RS485,RS422,USB. Keyboard Communication Direct Mode, Network Mode. Direct Mode Interface: RS232/RS485. DVR Protocol: DH2. Dome Protocol: DH-SD/PELCO-D/PELCO-P/PELCO-D1/PELCO-P1…… Network Mode Interface: RJ45. DVR/Network Dome: IP Address/Port/Protocol. Display LCD, 75.2mm x 33.85mm.
    Produced on Request

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