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    PULSAR® PSCLB 13,8V/3Amp Buffer Switch Mode PSU

    Reference: PSCLB13830
    The buffer power supply is designed for uninterrupted supply of devices requiring stabilized voltage of 12 V DC (+/-15%). The PSU supplies voltage of 13,8 V DC with current efficiency of I = A + 0,3 A battery charging. In the case of mains power failure, the unit will instantly switch to battery power. The power supply unit is protected against shortcircuit, overload and overvoltage. During normal operation, the total current drawn by the device cannot exceed I=3 A. The maximum battery charging current is 0,3 A. The total current of the receivers + battery is max. 3,3 A. Power supply: 90÷264VAC/50Hz. Power supply output: 3A/13,8VDC. Battery charging current: 0,3Amp. Efficiency: 85%. Protections: SCP, OLP, UVP. IP67 over molded plastic enclosure. Plastic enclosure with mounting brackets. Dimensions: 178 x 56 x 34 mm.
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