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    RightCrowd® SaaS (From 500 to 749 Badgeholders)

    Reference: SAAS-RCW-BADGE-500
    The RightCrowd Presence Control ecosystem consists of hardware, software and services. Users are known entities, which wear a RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder with an employee or access card inserted. Users are defined within the PACS. Wearables are the RightCrowd Digital Badgeholders. An authorized smartcard or smartsticker which is slided into the RightCrowd Digital Badgeholder establishes ownership between a User and a Wearable. RightCrowd Gateways allow RightCrowd Presence Control Core to establish and record such Ownership. RightCrowd provides continuous presence control which complements existing access control. RightCrowd reports dynamic Presence of authorized or non-authorized Wearables in a Zone. It does this through the RightCrowd Gateways or the RightCrowd App. These interlocking relationships between User, Wearable and Zone must be in place before a Tictogram can be activated. The SERVICE must be activated regarding the number of Digital Badgeholders we need to control. This is the service price per Digital Badgeholder. MOQ=500.
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