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    Standgas™ Standalone Detector PRO LCD EXP for Hydrocarbons with Relay

    Reference: SPLN-HCrLE
    Independent catalytic technology detector for the detection of explosive gases. Independent functioning, does not require central. There is a new independent version with RS485 addressable communication compatible with DURGAS™ centrals (from the v04 DURGAS™ version). Allows to programe the type of gas, prealarm level, alarm level, initial state of the manoeuvre output, type of rearming manual or automatic, rearming timing, activation or non activation of the internal acoustics and possibility of inhibiting the sensor to avoid inappropriate manoeuvres in case of breakout. Calibrated in factory with span gas. No need to recalibrate in the initial set up. Resistant to silicone vapours (HDMS). Independent version RS485: Specially recommended for its use in laboratories or compartimentalized areas which, apart from its local use, need a control and making manoeuvres and remotely informing about its state. Up to 8 units per area can be connected, maintaining its compatibility with the rest of the gases.
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